Dairy Free Cake - No Eggs, No butter, No Milk, No Nuts

I was recently set a challenge by a friend of mine whose son had never been able to eat his own birthday cake due to severe food allergies. The challenge was to create an edible Star Wars themed cake that didn't contain eggs, butter, milk or nuts so that her little one could enjoy a slice of cake on his birthday.

I did a fair amount of research on the internet and couldnt really find a cake reciepe that had been made into an actual fondanted birthday cake, they all seemed to be single layer cakes with some sort of spread on them. So I had a play about with the "depression cake" reciepe in the hopes that it would take the weight of the fondant.

Upon baking 5 layers of the chocolate cake I would usually at this point level the cakes, weight them and then carve them so he cake is perfectly round and smooth. Well it turns out that cake with no eggs, butter, milk or nuts in does not like to be carved! I therefore set about "winging" the stacking of the cake until it was almost perfect level on top.

A picture of the dairy free, egg free, milk free, nut free cake stacked with dairy free buttercream

The picture above show the chocolate cake stacked with dairy free frosting in between each layer. I then went onto crumb-coating this cake which was slightly challenging as the cake circles had slight lips on them - so more frosting had to be applied in certain areas in an attempt to level the cake some more. Once complete I popped this in the fridge and then prepared to fondant the cake.

Fortunately the cake took the weight of the fondant, I wasn't so sure as I had carved out the middle to put a Darthvader figure into the centre. I then had to figure a way of how to seal the centre of the cake, and did this with little balls of fondant.

Cupcakes Cupcakes Cupcakes...

Moving on to the less stressful part for the Cupcakery was the cupcakes. These actually turned out better than the actual cake - as obviously needed less cooking time. I also tweaked the recipe slightly using baking powder instead of bicarbonate of soda. The cupcakes cake out slightly fluffier than the cake - but still just as moist.

Below is a photograph of the cupcakes with personalised black, red and white cupcake toppers.

The customer was extremely happy with my attempt at making her little boy a birthday cake he could eat that she nearly cried when she picked it up!

Here it is beautifully set out at the little ones party.

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