Do you see my face?

Recently, I have been listening to a lady called Danielle Strickland on youtube. As a Salvation army leader, Danielle works with all types of people in her life.

On one of her youtube videos Danielle talks about this homeless lady who she let stay in her house a few days. While staying their the lady asked Danielle "do you always live like this" to which Danielle told the lady that its hard to stay spotless. She does have 2 kids and a full time ministry! so, totally understandable.....

The lady then asked if it was ok to do some tidying up as she had nothing else to offer Danielle for letting her stay in her house...Of course Danielle agreed as who wouldn't right?? The lady then asked where the cleaning products where kept and Danielle directed her. Upon seeing the cleaning products the lady shouted to Danielle "Don't you have organic products these are no good for children?"

Do you see my face??

Danielle goes on to say "Do you see my face?" Meaning... Do we look at the person in their current circumstance or what they have been & could potentially be.

I was in the city centre earlier today when coming across a homeless lady I often see in various places each weekend. Today the lady was crying when I had overwhelming compassion to find out why she was so upset. I approached her by getting down on her level and asking what was the matter... to which she buried her head into her tissue sobbing her eyes out.

I asked the lady if there was anything I could get her, food or drink and proceeded to get her a lucozade. When giving her the lucozade I asked her "Can you tell me what the matter is now" - She ushered me closer and I told her that it was ok and she could tell me.... She told me and I was devastated for this poor lady - for confidentiality reasons and also because it was so obscene I could not repeat it I will not say what she said. She's a human too and a victim of circumstance.. she has morals, feelings and it was at that point I "seen her face".

Relating back to our cause...

So often people who suffer from mental health issues such as depression are pre-judged and in some cases even avoided. I want to remind everyone to experience what I did and ask yourself "do you see their face" and look beyond their circumstance. Remind yourself of what the person was like before their mental health issues came along and what they can potentially be before judging as so often we all do.

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