St. Georges Church Light & Bright Party

Bright Party Flyer

If you are a Facebook follower, then you may have known about St Georges Church Star Themed light party that took place on the 31st October that we helped out with. A light party is an alternative halloween event that has been taking place in churches all over the country for many years. I have been involved in quite a few but this one has been our most successful yet.

This year Dave, the curate of St.Georges Church (Ashley) Husband spent 3 long hours making the church look amazing with twinkle lights to fit the in with the star theme. Well done dave it was totally worth it - don't you all agree?!

Our team had a meeting in Ashleyes and Daves to plan what crafts to do with the Kids and I have to say they went down pretty well, especially chocolate apples, biscuit making and the very competative parent race that took place at the end. The parents had to eat a donut off a piece of string, bob for an apple and then stick their face in flour to win a prize for their child. It was so funny and great to see parents and kids from the Grizedale estate, The Beacon and even further afield.

We also trial ran a toddler craft area which was really successful, as its important not to leave the under 4's out at parties! We had child friendly play dough, corn flour gloop, get the stars out of the ball pool and lots of finger painting crafts and star wands. It was so packed in there I think we may need more volunteers next year!

Home made Edible playdough

All in all a great event with positive feedback from both parents and children. Great to be part of building a community, meeting new people and getting to know people even better.

Thank you to Dave and Ashley for co-ordinating this wonderful event and to all of the other volunteers who took part in running this - you are all amazing people!!

Here is a gallery of just some of the evening. I have approval from all parents of children features in this gallery:

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