Pram Walks - Stanley Park

Recently I was having a meeting with the founder of pram walks in Stanley Park and as I had my little one with me I decided to join her after for the pram walk. I was a little hesitant at first as I suffer from social anxiety so the prospect of meeting new people can often stop me from doing things. However, being one not to give up (and with a push from my hubby) I joined the girls at the band stand - and you know what, its the greatest thing I've ever done.

Yes, I suffer with social anxiety however, the girls where super welcoming and friendly. Conversation did not dry up and I really enjoyed it so much I have been going ever since. We meet at the band stand in Stanley park at 9:30 am every Tuesday, a perfect time for those dropping kids off at school, and then we walk around the park - feed the ducks and have a natter. I really feel that this is great for your mental health, the fresh air and the conversation sets you up for the day ahead and usually after pram walks I get a lot done!

At the end of the walk we head back to Kemps Bistro where we have a delicious coffee and a chat. It really is a pleasant time and I couldn't recommend enough for people to come along and join in.

This week we even seen swans!

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