Valentines Day Offers

This is our first valentines day making cakes, cupcakes, bouquets and boards, which is why we have decided to put on some fabulous offers for all of you to take advantage of and enjoy!

Flower Bouquet Boxes

First of all we have these amazingly popular cupcake bouquets. You can order any colour scheme you wish whether you would like the traditional bunch of red roses or choose your partners favourite colours its entirely up to you. These come in a professional bouquet box with elegant bow and a personalised message card for your loved one. If you have far to travel I can cellophane wrap these for you with some lovely curling ribbon. Perfect for partners, friends or even family members who you adore this Valentines day. I have a special offer on this year starting at £15.

Cupcake Boxes

This year I have a variety of cupcakes with personalised Valentines day toppers. You can order a box of 4, 6 or 12. these start at just £8. Please check out our gallery page for more valentines cupcakes that I offer.

Flower Boards

We also offer flower boards with a bouquet of red roses and a personalised message. Here is an example of what a bouquet board would look like. These are £20 each.

Thanks for taking a look and please remember that I currently work as a volunteer so that we can put all of the money made back into the development of the business so that we can put on events around the area (Everton/Anfield) for vulnerable people.


Rach x

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