Wildflower Event Easter 2017

As mentioned in our "About Us" page - we like to put on small events with some of the proceeds generated from your purchases of cupcakes and cakes. This term we decided it was time to brighten up our area with some wild flowers and planned our event around just that.

We secured permission with the council and local housing trusts who where excited about the event and then proceeded to send out flyers to the local residents.


As we are business with a Christian based ethos we decided to partner with the local church St Georges Church, Everton as Daniel (my husband & business partner) works as a community outreach worker for them and it seemed to make perfect sense to get more organisations involved.

On the day myself and Daniel put up a gazebo lent to us from the church with a little helping hand from our 3 year old. Then our team of volunteers arrived and we began to dig out the borders from the grass verges that we had permission from the council to dig. These where then wild flowered by some of the local residents.

We also had a refreshments table that we provided cupcakes and cookies with hot drinks for the adults and juice for the kids. For those who didn't want to get their hands all mucky we provided some Easter crafts and pots of wildflowers to take home.

Overall the event went down well with most residents especially those who got involved on the day. Hopefully come Summer time the true value of this event will bloom and make our estate look so much nicer. (I will update this blog with photographs when the flowers come out )

If you live on the Grizedale estate and want to have any input on future events or ways we can help to improve the area. Please get in touch.

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