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I'm starting to get to a point where I'm starting to believe in myself and the project that I'm running... I will start to explain why in this little blog.

A customer contacted me asking me with a picture of a go jetters cake that they really liked but wanted to make a few tweaks. I was more than happy to oblige and went about creating the cake for her little boys 1st birthday. I had steamed the cake to get off the excess dust and it just was not drying - panic!

In the end I added some edible glitter to the bits that wouldn't dry and explained it to the customer. They were even happier and loved the extra design tweak to my absolute relief (it was too late to re-fondant the board).

Go Jetters Cake

After I had delivered the cake the customer was over the moon and had tweeted it at Cbeebies and Go Jetters who absolutely loved the cake. It really does make a cake makers day when customers like their cakes as they really are a labour of love.

Kudos to the original designer whoever you may be, I hope you don't mind the tweaks to the cake such as more clouds and a dance floor, oh and glitter, don't forget the glitter!

Here are the tweets from Cbeebies and Go Jetters:

#gojetters #gojetterscake #cbeebiescake

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