Drip Cakes Liverpool

Over the past year drip cakes have become increasingly popular. That is because they are completely customisable. You can have all of your favourite chocolates added to the top of the cake if your a chocolate lover or your favourite sweets added if you have more or a sweet tooth. Here are some of our top favourite drip cakes that we have made here at the Urban Cupcakery.

Chocolate drip cake

This cake was made for a chocolate lover. It included all of her favourite chocolates and a few extra! Inside was an extra moist chocolate fudge cake.... obviously!!

You can choose any colour for your drip cake including the colour of your cake and the colour of your drip.

We can also create your very own personalised number drip cake. The inside of this cake was rainbow colours and went down really well at the 9 year olds party.

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