Fireworks Party 2017

St. Georges Church Firework Party

My husband is the community outreach worker for St Georges Church in Everton and each year they put on a firework display and this year he was in charge.


Dan asked me to team up with him and support the event. A and as a business we also sponsored the event with sparklers for all to enjoy.

My girls having fun with their sparklers

As we are all about building community I thought it would be a great idea to share food together, so we made the night a "bring-and-share" night. This was totally successful as the food table where full at all times as everyone brought something to share!

Here I am making 100 cups of tea - I'm not the best tea maker but when needs must!

While the families ate their food we had a sing a long playing on the big screen while Dan and his team set up outside. We did a lot of research on fireworks and as our volunteer team was quite small we went with a display in a box. I have to say it was epic! Probably the biggest display that the church had done to date. After fireworks the kids got do do sparklers and the overall feedback from parents was amazing, they couldn't quite believe it was free!

Firework display in a box

A big thank you to all of the volunteers that helped us pull off this event. For all those who brought food to share and for the church for providing funds. Also to those who buy cakes from us so that we can help to fund event ls like these, your all wonderful.

With a 104 head count there certainly was a sense of community spirit. With families from both schools and the Grizedale estate attending.

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